4 Reasons Why I Love SEO

Our first round of SEO TRAINING went down a treat on August 24th. The room was crammed full and you could have heard a pin drop while Felicia explained her simple system for attracting leads that result in sales. Since then,numerous people have asked for a pinch view of what they can expect at the Next SEO Seminar on September 28th. I asked her to explain why she loves her SEO so much that she wants to share her secrets.

# 1 It's Free

Reason # 1 It’s Free!!

I should really say FREE FOR FUN. I have joined countless other business owners who have discovered polishing website content and blogging so Google loves you are THE FUN WAY to stay in contact and TICKLE GOOGLE. Unbelievably, you can achieve this without spending anything on Facebook or Adwords advertisements. Yes, okay it’s going to take you time to write great content – but the results are nothing short of awesome.

The best website content comes from the heart of a real person. If you are yourself when you write, then people will trust what you are selling and you will get better and better. Imagine never having to pay for Facebook or Google Ads again.

# 2 The Gift that Keeps on Giving

Reason # 2 It’s a Gift That Keeps on Giving!!

Having your SEO set up is having passive income from an investment, except your investment costs you nothing. This optimizes for a small business, where the core product is stable and you just need to put out weekly blogs and optimise your page and product content for SEO.

For example, Felicia is still 250 hits per month from a blog post she wrote a year ago. This is as good as having a perpetual advertisement on Google, except she never has to pay for it. No other marketing method can touch SEO for long legs.

#3 You Are Close to Ideal Customers

Reason # 3 You Are Close to Ideal Customers!!

Let’s consider for a moment that you are a bridal make-up artist in Chicago.  How would you rather attract a potential customer to your website…

  1. Would you like to pay for a Facebook Ad that targets engaged women in your area wanting a bridal make-up artist in Chicago?
  1. Would you like to get to the top of Google free when someone types in ‘Best Bridal Make-up Artist in Chicago’?

I know which click I’d prefer! The second method is not only free, but it’s attracting a customer who wants your services right now!  It’s like having a shopfront on the high street where people are walking up and down looking for what you sell, except of course you have a larger audience. You no need to pay for an irritating Google Ad. YOU ARE THERE ORGANICALLY and attracting your ideal customer at THE EXACT MOMENT they are interested in your product or service.

#4 It's All About Numbers

Reason # 4 You Are in the Right Position!!

Being higher up on search results means people find you when they need you. You get more customers to your website. You have more opportunities to convert them, sell to them, and up sell to them so they become raving fans of your business. Can you think of a better way than Felicia Crusher’s Method?

It’s all very well to have the most perfect website in the world with a high conversion rate – but if no traffic is coming to your website, you have zero traffic x 100% conversion = zero sales. Want to get more traffic to your site? Do you still need convincing? Here is unquestionable proof of what happens when you apply Felicia’s Crusher’s method. Book soon, we have a few seats left for the Next SEO Seminar on the Gold Coast, Australia.

#5 Client Results from SEO

Solid Results from Felicia’s Simple SEO

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