Are You Making Money on In-Room Beverages?

People can become quite emotional about what goes down their throats, even if it is free. Factors like personal preferences, cultural values, allergies, perceived value, and cost all play their part. The Holiday Rental Academy recommends its partners enquire tactfully when taking bookings. It’s a good idea to ask leading questions like:

  • What would you like to find in your in-room fridge?
  • Oh, okay, you prefer tea to coffee: Do you take yours with milk and sugar?
  • Do you enjoy a glass of something with your lunch or supper?
  • May we provide a nightcap for you before you before you settle for the night?
  • Can I send you a price list so we can stock the fridge with what you prefer?

How to Make a Profit on Beverages

There are three types of deliverables in any business. They are:

  • Our core product, namely a good place to stay
  • The add-ons that improve the customer experience
  • The referrals we upsell to skim the cream

Beverages are part of the add-on services we provide. We do so in order to improve the subjective experience of staying at our holiday rental. If we overprice our beverages, we run the risk of diminishing the perceived value of our core product. A guest who finds they can buy a case of Corona cheaper down the road is a sure-fire reason for unfavourable review.

The Holiday Rental Academy recommends negotiating trade discounts with local suppliers, and then marking them up to prevailing prices in your area. Do not expect high margins – beverages are secondary deliverables. Their purpose is to add to the overall experience, not to make us rich.

Choosing Which Beverages to Provide in Your Holiday Rental

Australian holiday rental guests are mostly an easy-going lot. If they have special preferences like Madura Earl Grey tea or Glenfiddich fifty-year-old single malt scotch whisky, they bring their own so not be disappointed.

Thus we only need supply basic beverages such fresh milk, fresh fruit juice, carbonated water, popular beers, and affordable wines / champagnes. We have a better chance of lucrative discounts if any of these are local products; that is because we are introducing them to people from other parts of the country.

The Cherry on Top: The Welcoming Pack

Presenting our guests with a free bottle from our standard price list is a great icebreaker. This will probably be the brand they order most. We can also probe when they make their reservation without giving away the secret. A round of beer, a bottle of wine, or a bottle of champagne …how much does this cost compared to the rental for week.

We are in the hospitality business. Hospitality means the friendly and generous reception and entertainment of guests, visitors, or strangers, and a warm welcome is the best way to begin.

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