Ensuring Comfort: Popular Guest Amenities for 2016

Guest amenities are the premium items we include in addition to the basics, although it can be difficult to draw the line sometimes. Perhaps it is safer to say our amenities are the things that make us stand out from the crowd. From a guest point of view, many things that were once amenities are now on the list of what they expect.
We must keep abreast of trends, or else our guests may feel we let them down. The Road Warrior booking website surveyed what 5,000 guests considered the bare minimum amenities in April 2015. There is no reason to think that Australia is any different today.

Apple iPhone Charging via USB Hub: Intel Free Press / CC 2.0

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The 7 Most Essential Amenities We Must Have

  1. Numerous surveys have confirmed we must have Wi-Fi at strategic points like the master bedroom, the lounge, and the veranda outside. Although this is especially valuable for business travellers, we cannot think of anybody who would not want to check their emails on arrival.
  1. The second most important amenity from guests’ perspectives is peace and quiet at night. Holiday rentals score over hotels because there are seldom noisy strangers in the room next door. If you are planning a holiday rental, try your best to site it away from noisy roads, flight paths, and industrial sites. Being able to sleep well at night and awake refreshed is a treat.
Water: Steve / CC 2.0

Water: Steve / CC 2.0

  1. The next biggest beef is bottled water, or rather the lack of it. Guests are increasingly conscious of what goes in their tummies and hope to find pure, natural ground water nicely chilled in the fridge. We personally don’t consider this an optional item. An upset guest can spoil a holiday and nobody wants that. Consider one of the brands with subtle flavours of fruit.
  1. Mobile devices have largely rendered the desk and chair redundant. This is great because rooms without them become more spacious and we have less to maintain. Road Warrior believes ‘business travelers appear more than happy to work in bed’. Perhaps it is more a case of keeping any eye on the television. Make sure there is a handy power supply for charging batteries.
Apple iPhone Charging via USB Hub: Intel Free Press / CC 2.0

Apple iPhone Charging via USB Hub: Intel Free Press / CC 2.0

  1. Australian’s just love their tea and coffee. Not being able to make a fresh cup in the morning gets them off to a bad start, and that is not the hospitality service they deserve. We recommend you provide a coffee plunger, teapot, cups and saucers, and a reasonable amount of consumables. Make sure the cleaner tops this up daily.
  1. It is essential we consider our guests’ safety, especially as they are in unfamiliar surroundings. Items to consider include a large rechargeable torch conveniently plugged in just inside the front door, and a few umbrellas at strategic points, so they don’t slip and fall when scampering to and from their cars when the rain comes pelting down.
  1. Finally, especially if our holiday rentals are in humid subtropical areas, we should provide insect repellers of the type that plug into wall sockets. Leave them turned off until the guests arrive, and check for allergies before suggesting they turn them on.

So much for the Road Warrior list but every holiday rental is different. Spend a night in your facility at least once a year. Better still, give your best friends a free weekend, on the basis that they will tell you honestly what they think of your amenities.


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