Get Success with Your Holiday Rental Marketing Collateral

How’s your marketing collateral looking for your holiday rental property? Marketing collateral is the collection of media, such as letterheads, brochures, business cards and flyers to support the marketing and sale of your holiday rental.

How does marketing collateral work? Your company brand tends to present itself and enhance the image of the brand through consistent messaging, using a balance of information and promotional content.

But don’t get marketing collateral confused with advertising. The marketing side often comes later in the cycle, once your prospective guest has made contact and they are in your communication cycle.

Marketing collateral can take the form of, but is not limited to:

  • Sales brochures and other printed product information
  • Web content
  • Images
  • With compliments slips
  • Business cards
  • Letterheads

The aim of using marketing collateral for your holiday rental is of course to keep your property at the front of mind of potential and past guests. So the question needs to be asked: how can you get success with your holiday rental marketing collateral?


Define your goal

Like any advertising or marketing campaign, there should be a goal behind what you use in your marketing collateral. These materials help to tell the story of your business; to help potential guests understand who you are and what you do. Identify your goal before starting and then design your ideal collateral around your goal. This goal could be to identify your property as a luxury getaway or as a family holiday destination.

Clean Space is Best

Marketing campaigns and related collateral (including online content) is a necessity these days. With so many competitors to your holiday rental out there, you need to choose a style and design which both helps you get your brand out there, but contains enough white space to help your message stand out. Cluttered designs can distract from things like your contact information, promotions or marketing message.

Call to Action written on a wooden cube in front of a laptop

Include a Strong Call to Action

Let’s face it – it’s unlikely you’ll be the only holiday accommodation property in your area, so you will be competing with other businesses in the same market. You need to include a strong call to action on your collateral to compel potential guests to choose your holiday rental over the hotel or motel down the road. What do you want potential guests to do? Call you to book, visit your website, subscribe to your emails? Make sure you give them an easy choice to do what you want them to.


Design, Design, Design

The design of your marketing collateral is important. While the materials need to stand out, they also need to be functional. The design should allow for people to read the important information easily – business name, email, phone number, specials or the like.

Once you’ve defined your goal and set your design, there are a couple of extremely important elements you need to include in all of your marketing collateral whether it be a brochure or a business card.

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