How to Target the Business Leisure Traveller

Before the 1929 Great Depression hit Australia, there were few big corporates and extended government departments that are a feature of our modern cities. Australians were largely self-employed or took jobs on farms or at small private firms. There was little social relief after these went bankrupt in 1930 and retrenched employees. When economic peace returned, Australia entered the era of the welfare state.

A New Generation of Entrepreneurs

Along with this went a belief that everyone was entitled a secure job. Australia moved from being a nation of shopkeepers / farmers, to selling their freedom in exchange for pensionable incomes. The recent worldwide recession broke these dreams for many. There is a counter-revolution afoot. The new generation of Australian entrepreneurs is as nimble and agile as their forebears ever were, and they are independent spirits.

You will find these multi-level marketers, freelancers, and consultants on every street corner from Saigon to Sydney, and everywhere else in the developed world. They are not just tapping away on their laptops. They are making money while they travel.

When they pass through towns and villages, they are going need somewhere to chill out over weekends and visit local attractions. They may not come back a second time but there are many of them, and their holidays qualify as business expenses.

A New Breed of Super Commuters

Once the recent recession began to bite, small Australian business people began to travel further in search of clients, with a typical round of visits spanning several thousand square kilometres at a time. These people need a central base to work from, but cannot afford the luxury of a grand hotel.

They need something affordable that ‘looks good’ in the event a new client wants to verify their first impression. Some call them ‘Bleisure Travellers’ because they want to enjoy themselves while on a business trip.

Why Nimble Entrepreneurs and Super Commuters Matter

Both categories are ‘on the road’ throughout the year as long as the weather is not too extreme. They may deliberately travel in our low season so they can spend their summer holidays with family and friends. This makes them perfect ‘stocking stuffers’ for holiday rental owners out-of-season, when it makes sense to discount rates to increase occupancy stats and look good on booking sites like Stayz.

Increase Occupancy Stats with This New Breed of Travellers

Since we have an offering that our new brand of guests may not even know about, it’s necessary to advertise and offer incentives for out-of-season stays. Here, the best place to be is on the social media, and there is nothing wrong with asking satisfied guests to repost your tweets and Facebook comments.

Once you get your information out there in the business community – remembering how internet savvy these people are – your news will spread fast, after which you just need to keep it ticking over.

A useful second string is to find portals targeting small business people that allow small free advertisements. Remember to refresh yours weekly with news of seasonal attractions. If you are up to it, offer to contribute to their blog in a friendly, non-commercial way. Then you can send links to people on your email list, and they will love you for it!

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