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With so much of the world now on social media, as holiday rental owners, there are a number of platforms we can tap into as a marketing aid.

Facebook is of course the most popular social media site, but it is closely followed by YouTube. In January 2016, a report was released on Social Media News which outlined the top 23 most active social media sites in Australia with the number of users or unique Australian visitors (UAV) to that website. Below we’ve outlined the top sites relevant to the holiday rental industry that you could implement this week.

Australian Social Media Statistics – January 2016

Statistics compiled by for January 2016

Stats courtesy: Vivid Social Research DivisionFigures correct as of 31/01/16.

  • Facebook – 15,000,000 users
  • YouTube – 14,000,000 UAV’s
  • WordPress – 5,650,000
  • Instagram – 5,000,000 Monthly Active Australian Users
  • Tumblr – 4,500,000
  • LinkedIn – 3,700,000
  • Twitter – 2,800,000 Active Australian Users approx.
  • Blogspot – 2,450,000
  • TripAdvisor – 2,200,000
  • Flickr – 600,000
  • Pinterest – 300,000
  • Google Plus – 60,000 Monthly Active Australian Users approx.
  • Periscope – 10,000

From this list we can see there are definitely some apps and social media platforms that will come in handy when we are marketing to our audience, and trying to gain new leads.

You should already have Facebook up and running – with 15,000,000 users across the country, not to mention how many international users – if you haven’t got a Facebook page for your holiday rental, drop what you’re doing and set one up now. If you aren’t sure on how to set up a Facebook page which will effectively market your holiday rental, contact Holiday Rental Academy where our digital marketing team can get you up and running.

Here’s our top five pick of social media sites to implement into your holiday rental marketing plan.


Instagram offers a clean, simple photo feed that can easily be flicked through on mobile devices as well as tablets and computers. The best thing? It is popular with travellers wanting to show off their holiday to their Instagram followers.

With over 400 million users world-wide, if you cater to a niche market, or just have an outstanding holiday rental property, Instagram is a great way to market to your audience and pick up potential new guests.

Instagram is based on an algorithm similar to Facebook in that users are shown the content they will most likely be interested in first. Showcasing high quality, aspiring and interesting content that users look for, this algorithm can certainly work for you.

How to use Instagram to your advantage – highlight your property’s facilities and interesting points, share content from your local area including attractions and event and utilise hashtags so your content is searchable (you can’t add links, so hashtags are important.


Flickr is similar to Instagram and allows you to upload photos and tag them allowing your guests and followers to share. However, Flickr also allows you to tag your photos with searchable keywords, and add your photos to “pools”. By utilising tags and pooling your photos, your content will come up in a general search on Flickr, and they will often show on the first few pages of a Google image search giving you even great marketing spread.

How to use Flickr to your advantage – tag photos with your location and nearby attractions to reach as many viewers and potential guests as possible.

The below photo is of the outdoor bath at Wanggulay Too. Simple Flickr tags would be something like: Wanggulay Too; Cairns; Luxury; Barron Gorge; Great Barrier Reef


Photo: Wanggulay. Brett Carnell

Photo: Wanggulay. Brett Carnell


YouTube is a great way to share video of your holiday property or of your surrounding areas. Showcasing attractions and events in your area in video can be much more engaging than just photos – you can also film your own video links to post on your other social media sites, or to link to your blog or website.

But it doesn’t just have to be your own YouTube clips that you post – there are lots of people out there filming and posting to YouTube. Here’s a video that we found of the Cairns area – it’s a great way to promote your area without needing to go into lengthy descriptions. Just make sure you credit the video creator.

How to use YouTube to your advantage – start filming your local area. Do you live somewhere where your guests will find a great sunrise or sunset? Get out there and film it. What about somewhere that has amazing walking tracks? Filming these types of natural attractions is a great way to get people talking about your accommodation. Just remember to either show you property or include it at the front or end of the video.

Some basic video editing skills will come in useful as well, and you can easily pick up tips on the net.

Video Source: Fun Travel TV Show


Pinterest is another photo sharing site that is gaining popularity. It’s a social networking site that allows you to visually share and discover new interests by pinning (or posting) images or videos on your own board or on other boards with a common theme. Users can also browse what other users have pinned. Think of it as one big inspirational board.

There are a number of ways to make Pinterest work for your holiday rental, but first and foremost is of course sharing relevant content that your guests want to see. Set up boards to represent different parts of your holiday rental, from the property through to local sights and attractions, greet anyone who comments on your photos, and invite people to your board. Here are 26 great ways to boost your business with Pinterest.

How to use Pinterest to your advantage – one of our favourite tips from the link above is using Rich Pins. These allow you to add topic-specific details to your pinned photos including address, phone number, map, link, availability, pricing etc. This is a great way to get people to click through to your website, or give you a call to enquire about the property.


Lucky last is Twitter, the online social networking site that allows users to send and read short 140-character messages. Twitter can be a great platform to use in your business, but it needs to be used properly – with such a short messaging space, you need your tweets to be short, sharp and to the point. There are many advantages of having a Twitter account.

You can find out what’s happening right now in your local area, increase your brand awareness by using the platform regularly to communicate with followers, provide customer service to your guests by responding to queries and interact with potential guests who you may not otherwise have access to. It’s also a great way to start and join discussion with industry experts and build connections. Followers can also re-tweet your tweets so you get in front of even more people.

How to use Twitter to your advantage – Use Twitter to find out what people want in a holiday rental. Ask the question, or follow someone who has asked the question. Of course you’ll find many different responses but it’s the perfect way to do some easy market research to allow you to cater to your guests.

We know that not everyone is across social media and how it all works, and that’s ok. There’s lots of information out there, but if you don’t have the time, or thinking about it just frustrates you, Holiday Rental Academy have a team of digital marketing and social media experts who can help get your business up and running quickly, helping you take advantage of what is a fast moving industry.

If social media makes you feel like this:


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