SEO at Your Fingertips, Finally

Did you ever hear about the old sandwich board gig? Until the arrival of the internet, the human billboard was one of the most effective ways of bringing a solution to the customer. They are still a relatively common sight in urban hubs like Oxford Street in London, the Champs Élysées, and 42nd Street, New York City, where they advertise offers available in adjacent side streets, like discount lunches for busy office workers.

Two Ways to Aspire to the Top of Google

Nowadays, Google does the job even better. We can find holiday accommodation all over the world from the comfort of our computers the instant we need it. I could go as far as saying that without a presence on Google we may as well shut up shop. There are only two ways to appear on the first page of results.

  • We can advertise on places like Stayz and HomeAway to mention only two. These portals do a great job, but they do charge a fee.
  • We can try to fly solo with the idea of saving money. Unfortunately, the weight of the big corporates shoves us way down the results page.

After we launch our own websites, mail starts dropping into our boxes from SEO specialists promising us the earth for large sums of money. When we discover they want annuity income, we go back on the internet to figure out SEO for ourselves. If we had unlimited time we could probably do it because the information is all there.

The problem we face is the topic is a huge volume. The information is all over the place and it is hard to fit together. Every SEO consultant is giving a little away in the hope of attracting new business. We end up with a jigsaw puzzle with some bits missing.

The Holiday Rental Academy Simple Solution

Flying solo with websites is one of the most critical challenges the modern holiday rental owner faces. The Academy decided to search high and low for a SEO Guru with everything in one place. Someone with a simple solution that works: something in small, bite-size chunks, and something that frees our customer from constantly needing more advice. When we found Felicia Rusher, we knew we had found an SEO goldmine.

We have had enquiries pouring in for more information since she published her SEO secrets on LinkedIn. Our first seminar on 24 August was a popular sell out success. The follow-up will be in Gold Coast on 28 September 2016. Please contact us if you would like to attend it. Bookings are brisk as news of this exceptional opportunity spreads.

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