The Benefits of Using Our Holiday Rentals for Personal Use


Have you ever stayed at your own holiday rental?

It is actually a good idea to use our holiday rentals for personal use, although perhaps not for the reasons that first spring to mind. Many homeowners come from a different angle when they rent their own homes out airbnb-style during holiday season, to pay for maintenance costs or help with the loan. In their case, their main worry is protecting their precious possessions from people they may have never met before.

As holiday rental owners, we, generally speaking, have the opposite problem when we stay in our units. We want to bring our personal possessions with us meaning our holiday experience will be a little different from our paying guests. This is the opposite to what we want to achieve. The aim is to experience our property as our guests would

Why Bringing More than Personal Gear and Food is a Mistake

Staying in our own holiday rental does not always mean a free holiday. From time to time, our members express frustration when they have to turn down an overlapping enquiry. We believe the income loss every few years is more than worth the sacrifice, because it is the best possible way to confirm that we are maintaining standards, or discover that these are slipping. This presupposes we must use what is there – what our guests see, use and do.

The Mind Set We Need When Staying in Our Own Place

The last time we touched the pots and pans in the kitchen could be when we set them out as new. In that case, they are going to show wear although they should still be in similar condition as those in our own homes. Expecting everything to be brand new is like calling for an open check book and replacing everything, which would be a strange decision if guests continue to provide good feedback.

However, if you find something in your property that you wouldn’t use – say a scuffed up frypan or chipped plates – this is the time to take note and replace as required.

Our mind set should be that we are staying in a holiday rental belonging to someone else, which is not the same as sleeping in our own beds.

The Benefits of Using Our Holiday Rentals for Personal Use

The main advantage we get when holidaying in our holiday rentals is not a free holiday – it is an opportunity to test-drive our asset, and to ensure our service providers are doing what we pay for. Another spinoff is the opportunity to validate our maintenance plans, and our budgets for scheduled replenishments and upgrades.

We should stay in our rentals from time to time for these reasons, but not so often as to become an unnecessary drain on the incomes they bring.

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  • Greg Norris

    Hi Brett,
    Nice post ! My wife and I were thinking of renting the place out when we went on extended holidays and this is a great way to evaluate that we are meeting the standards that we would want to project.



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