Top 5 Blog Ideas to Attract More Guests

Are you looking for a way to jazz up your website? Generally your website is used to attract new and returning guests to your holiday rental, but did you know that by humanising your website, you can attract new guests who feel like they can connect with you?

It’s easy enough to add blogs to your website, but what kind of blogs will bring you the biggest benefit in terms of guest attraction and what will humanise your business and make potential guests feel like they can relate to you and your staff members?

Here are our top five blog ideas to get you started.

10 Things to Tick Off On Your Visit

What better way to promote your destination than a blog outlining the top 10 things to do while in town. You can easily customise this list by doing a “10 Things to Do within Walking Distance” or a “Top 5 Drives” style blog. These blogs give your guests a great idea of what’s around and available for them to do. The blog also lets your guests know that you are an expert in your area and that by staying with you, they will get handy little hints on where to visit and what to see.

Hot Spot Itinerary

Every destination has its hot spots whether it be the top location visited by tourists or a spot loved by the locals. If you’re in a destination that’s easy to get around in, why not provide some sample itineraries on what to do? This could include walks, drives, tours, retail outlets, tourist attractions dining and much more. Like the “Top 10” lists, your guests will book with you to gain those hot tips that no one else has provided them with.

50 Amazing Photos of Destination

Who doesn’t love taking photos on their holidays? What’s more, who doesn’t love seeing some photos of the place they are going to visit? A “50 Photos” post provides your potential guests with views of the area so they know exactly what they are going to get. Your guests will often ask you about great photography spots in the area so this blog post is a great starting point.

A Day in the Life of…

There is nothing that can humanise your business more like introducing your staff members whether they be the receptionist or the maintenance team. These blog posts could outline what it’s like at your accommodation venue, and what your staff member’s love about the area. These types of posts let your guests feel like they already know your team before they arrive and can therefore put a name to a face.

Meet a Local

What better way to introduce your destination to potential guests than introducing a local? Ideally this is a great way to promote your area whether it be your favourite local restaurant or the grower of the strawberries you leave your guests as a welcome gift. People to blog about range from local producers and growers, local chefs, tour operators and much more. These type of blog posts tend to give your guests a great idea of who they may meet in their travels and gives them opportunities to research and visit other local businesses.

Blogs can be extremely beneficial to your business, especially if you focus on the things guests want to see. There are many topics you can cover on your blog posts, but remember to keep the content guest friendly, and provide guests with information that will make them want to book with you over your competitors.


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  • Nick Marshall

    This is a terrific list of blog ideas. In particular, “A day in the life of / Meet a local”. There are so many people involved in Cairns tourism – most of them unsung heroes.
    Thanks for this.

  • Geoff Parry

    Your information & ideas give me the boost I needed to improve my holiday unit bookings.
    Great stuff thank you again

  • Peter

    Great ideas indeed! Thanks for sharing. Will take note of them.

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